John Clarkson, J.D., is no longer practicing law, and the Clarkson Law Office has closed.
You can contact John Clarkson, J.D. at (775) 324-1111 or

If you are a former client of the Clarkson Law Office, Ltd., and have any questions concerning your previous matter, you can contact us by clicking here or the button below>

Divorce Coaching and Divorce Mediation

John Clarkson, J.D. is available to assist you as a non-attorney divorce coach or divorce mediator. CLICK HERE to find out about Divorce Coaching and Divorce Mediation.

Do-it-Yourself Estate Planning

John Clarkson, J.D. has started an online business which provides you access to estate planning software and other resources to enable you to do your own estate planning without the cost of an attorney. CLICK HERE to find out about DIY estate planning.